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Defining “bohemian” (boho) as an interior style is really attempting to label something that can’t be labeled, so dependent is it on the individual. It has elements of Shabby Chic and eclecticism, mixed with an artistic and theatrical flamboyance that has nothing to do with trends. Boho is witty, whimsical and highly reflective of the mind and lifestyle of the person who embraces it. In its way it is an antistyle, but at its heart is a love of art, color, contrasts, creativity, travel, adventure, the past and, above all, freedom from convention.

The bedroom is our most personal space — it’s where we let our hair down and our imagination loose. So if the real bohemian you is just dying to flaunt itself, the bedroom is a great place to start.
Before you start, clear your mind of what’s in vogue. Bohos are not restricted by other people’s opinions. There are no trends in boho decor — forget midcentury modern, French provincial and all the design labels. Bohos are pickers and choosers who follow their own tastes. Boho is a state of mind rather than a look — have you got the boho in you? If so, here are 10 steps to bring it out in your bedroom.
1. Learn about the lifestyles of famous bohemians. Immerse yourself in the bohemian mind-set by reading about the history of bohemianism and the creative people who have lived a bohemian life. Decide if you have their sense of adventure. Hang portraits of your most admired and inspiring bohemians in your bedroom.
2. 2. Enrich your bedroom with art. A blank wall is anathema to a boho — walls are simply there to hold art. Many of us tend to put our best artworks in the public parts of our homes. Also give them a spot in your bedroom, where you can appreciate them in a personal and reflective space.
3. 3. Take risks with color. There’s no such thing as the wrong color. Forget paint color forecasts — the world of color is where bohos free their minds. Interior analysts may be perfectly correct in concluding that certain bedroom hues are more sleep-inducing than others. If all you want to do in your bedroom is sleep,read more here. If you want a color-filled oasis that speaks volumes about you, then follow your heart.
Ralo (Tibet Carpet)
5. 4. Be adventurous with textures and patterns. This room has abundant textural contrasts that give it loads of personality. From the industrial ducting and warm exposed brick to the richly patterned Tibetan rug, satin bedspread, antique brass, parquet wood and Tiffany lamp, it exudes character. A bedroom with a high ceiling like this one can support many elements without being overpowered.
6. There’s a knack to putting many patterns together so they interact rather than distract. The effect in this room is casual and unstudied. There is an underlying lacy motif in the fabrics, and the subtle connection of earthy tones links the look, yet the room still appears tossed together with natural flair.
7. 7. Light up your boho bedroom — softly. Boho lighting is indirect, warm, flickering, filtered. Achieve this effect with filigree lanterns that hang to the floor, candles, colored globes and antique and vintage lampshades that diffuse light.
8. 8. Mix and don’t match. Many vintage and antique finds don’t come in pairs, but who said bedside tables have to match? A wooden cabinet and a round glass-topped table flank this bed.
9. 9. Choose furniture that tells a story. Intriguing hand-painted antique furniture adds a layer of unique character to this bedroom and brings its history with it.
10. 10. Show and tell. Bohos don’t hide anything decorative away. It would be a shame to arrange this vivid bling collection tidily in a drawer. If you have unique trinketsand sentimental treasures, put them where they give you pleasure every day.
bohemian bedroom ideas

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