Living Room Design Board


Living Room Style Board So all that I could say is....... it is a great deal easier to create design panels for clients than it really is for yourself! I have been agonizing more than choices for several months now however I have finally come up with a layout that I would describe as a transition bohemian if there is such a point! A mix of wood, metal in addition to linen is included in this style and design. I already have some components like drapes and drape rods that I will use but I will add some of those new pieces with some vintage pieces too!
Living Room Design and style Board I haven't selected the perfect light creamy bleak that I will paint the actual wall with yet yet that will be done sometime soon! So here are some of my favorite items and I have already purchased one of these to be delivered sometime in a few days, so thrilled! This week I acquired to work on a local client’s new living room design and i also thought I’d share exactly how my original board developed.

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