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Home Interior Design Ideas Living Room. I am Erin and I am enthusiastic about the color turquoise. I began this blog to collect inspirational pictures I find of fantastic rooms that feature all the lovely shades of my favorite colour. For more turquoise fun, check out my shopping blog, Every thing Turquoise. If you run into an attractive room you know I'd really like, email me: erin@houseofturquoise. com!

Because at least the middle of the twentieth century, the term interior designer has been so loosely used as to be nearly useless, with the result that some other, more descriptive terms came into use. The term home design indicates a broader section of activity and at the same time suggests the status as a serious occupation. In some European countries, Home Interior Design Ideas Living Room where the career is well established, it is referred to as interior architecture. Individuals who are worried about the many elements that form man-made environments have come to make reference to the total field as environment design.

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